Sunday, March 16, 2014

We Continue to Ride!

We Bike to DC ended at the US Capitol two weeks ago today. But that didn't stop our quest to see more women on bikes.

In the past two weeks, I've completed several awesome rides with my favorite 7 yr old cyclist. While riding her beloved 'Lucy' (her 16" princess bike) she told me, "I love my bike so much, I'm pretty sure I could ride 100 miles". A lofty goal considering her current PR is less than 10 miles, but who am I to discourage a girl from biking. We ordered a 24" Fuji Absolute from Capitol Hill Bikes and we are planning to ride some longer distances in the very near, but warmer, future. She's already named her new bike 'Beautiful' and she's learning to use both the gears and hand brakes.

In addition to riding with my granddaughter, I took some time to get out of the city with Washington Women Outdoors. This awesome group has been around for 35 years and they welcome women of all levels for all sorts of outdoor activities including cycling. I got a chance to join them this weekend for a 30 mile ride in the Virginia suburbs. Plenty of rolling hills and beautiful scenery in Middleburg, VA. A chance to ride with women who not only enjoy cycling but are active in numerous outdoor activities. Check out

I've also completed two weekend rides that allowed me to see the sunrise over the Potomac River and I've pledged to ride my bike every day in April, with 30 Days of Biking. You should also consider pledging, as this year, they will provide a child's bike for every 30 pledges. Check out

Ride on my friends, ride on..........



  1. I *love* it! Can't wait to get out on a ride with you. @turtledub616

  2. I love it! I wish I knew how to use the gears on my mountain bike! I just listen to them crack until I can pedal again.....that's how you do it, right!?!

    1. should definitely ride with us. You and Katrice can practice your shifting technique. Hope to see you soon.